Why Casual Dining Restaurants Are Great for First Dates


Did you know that it takes a person an average of four months to know if they are in love? Before you get to that stage, every relationship has to go through the rite of passage of a first date.

If you are stumped about where to bring your love interest, casual dining restaurants are the way to go. Here’s why this setting makes a great choice, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

Casual Dining Restaurants as a First Date

Choosing a restaurant as a first date location can tell you a lot about your date. It can be the perfect place to get to know someone. Here are the top reasons to choose a low-key restaurant for your dinner date.

Good Atmosphere

A casual dining restaurant is a great place to talk to your date. You’ll feel more relaxed if the atmosphere isn’t stuffy and fancy.

Casual Dress Code

Another positive aspect of casual dining is the relaxed dress code. You can showcase your style and dress comfortably without worrying about needing to dress up. Wearing your favorite clothes will help you feel comfortable and less nervous on your date.

Dining Dating Tips

Picking a casual restaurant for your first date will allow you to get to know your date without it feeling too intimate. Here are some of the best tips to use when taking your date out to eat.

Choosing a Dining Spot

Once you’ve agreed to a first date at a restaurant, the next hardest part is choosing where to go. With so many different options, you want to make sure you’re choosing a casual place that you both will love. You want to find a place that is quiet enough to hear your date but not so quiet that things get awkward.

Start by getting recommendations from your friends and family on which restaurants to make a reservation at. They’re a great go-to group to learn about places that you should try out and which ones to avoid.


The ultimate casual first date location is to choose a cool café to sip on some coffee with your date. Although this won’t usually provide a full meal, you’ll still sit down with your date and have the chance to have a one-on-one conversation with them.

Some cafés have board games or rows of books to look through. A friendly game of Scrabble or walking down aisles can tell you a lot about your new date.


There are many different bars that you can bring your date to on your first date. For a fun-loving date, test your knowledge during a trivia night. This built-in activity can help keep the energy upbeat and calm your nerves.

If you want a classier but still casual first date, try out a cocktail bar. Have fun trying a new drink while you get to know your potential suitor.


If you choose to go all-in on a restaurant, make sure to pick one that has a casual vibe to it. Challenge yourselves by trying a family-run restaurant with a menu you haven’t both tried before. If you really want to go casual, you can never go wrong with a burger or pizza place.

How to Pay

Paying your bill can be tricky, especially in a 21st-century world. A good piece of advice is to always at least offer to pay for the bill. Your date may not let you, but your date will appreciate the gesture.

Another rule you can go by is whoever did the asking for the date itself should be the one to pay. This rule can take some of the guesswork out of who should be paying for what.

Manners Are Everything

One thing you want to avoid is becoming a first date horror story because you have not acted the right way on your date. Always be polite to the restaurant staff. You’ll make a good impression if you are kind instead of rude.

Make sure to show up to your date on time. You don’t want to keep your date waiting for you, as this could only increase their nervousness. Always say please and thank the staff as they serve you throughout your evening.

You can also keep your manners in check by following basic dining rules. Even though you’re at a casual restaurant, put your napkin on your lap and chew with your mouth closed.

Keep the Conversation Flowing

The first thing that you should make sure of when you’re on your date is to turn off your cell phone or at least have it silenced. In a world where everyone is constantly checking their phones, your date will be impressed when all your attention is on what they are saying.

It can sometimes feel tricky to figure out how to start the conversation when you’re on your first date. A safe bet is to talk about the food on the menu and the restaurant that you’re in.

From there, you can get into topics that go a tiny bit deeper. Ask them about their job or families. Try to find out what their favorite hobbies are or what items are on their bucket list.

Make sure you stay away from sensitive topics like religion or politics until you’ve gotten to know them. Keep eye contact with them while you are talking so they know you are invested in what they are saying.

Casual Dining Restaurants: The Perfect First Date Spot

When it comes to asking someone out and picking the best setting, casual dining restaurants are a stress-free choice for a budding relationship. If you bring your first date to one of these types of restaurants, there’s sure to be a second date in your future.

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